Gin Tour Pride 2016

Lavapiés Hospitality has recently celebrated Madrid Pride Party 2016 organizing a special Gin Tour party all over the pubs and bars in this hipster and recently gentrificated Madrid neighbourhood.

Our clients wanted to add Lavapies to the area were people usually go to claim for LGTB causes and have fun during Madrid Pride. For attracting people to join the Gin Tour Pride, we created a campaign that transformed the simple fact of having a gin tonic, into a very easy but very meaningful and nice way of defending and fighting for LGTB causes.

We spread our message into two different kinds of media, posters for filling up streets’ walls all over Madrid, and on the other hand, digital artworks to be socially shared though the internet and any other digital platforms like chats and so on.

Volunteers from the neighbourhood helped us to spread the first messages by social sharing and even pasting our posters in the streets for some nights before the event. We can proudly say now, since 2016, Lavapies is the new district in Madrid were people will go to celebrate the biggest Pride all over Spain.

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