GIN 1085 Website

Gin 1085, gin made out of beer and… of smth else… 

Making this high quality Gin look different from the rest, was a must in the earliest brief. Because as a new Premium Gin in the Iberian Market, our tasty gin had been forced to compite with more than a hundred brands of Artisan Premium Gin manufactured in Spain.

We, the wammers, built its brand personality based in the concept: You have something strange; transforming its 8 special botanical ingredients in 8 wonderful characters, that reflect the best of their own personalities on our Gin, as a result of all of them mixing and living together.

So we built, not only a website, we built a website that positioned Gin 1085 in a totally new and fresh way. We built a brand through its corporative website.

The site got such a good success that we developed further our Positioning Strategy taking all 1085 Botanical Characters into live for Social Media. This action together with the website, has recently been awarded by the AMPE (Advertising Media Association of Spain) with a 2016 Silver Ampe Award for the Best Internet Communication Idea in Spain.


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